The industry which will lie to you – The fitness industry!

The industry what will most likely lie to you and will get away with it – The fitness industry!

Mayby the only industry which can mess your body and health completely and get away with it like nothing.

They put you on programs and diets what they can tolerate and get away with, because of their drug use and elite genetics. But these people can completely destroy avarage people without drugs!

women-on-drugsThere is hundreds of womens who look like this, and claim to be drug free.

They will took your money and in worst case destroy your metabolims for life, and its all good in fitness.

And then there is this group that will admit the drug use, but they will downplay the effects and results what drugs will bring you. And they market themselfs as the hardest working individual ever, and they also have this fancy “training program” What they claim made their results and they want to sell that to you.

man-on-drugsYou won’t see this kind of physique ever, naturally!

Any training program can’t give you same results as even a mild drug use (500 mg test per week). Its a science proved 100 % hard fact. People who take drugs and then say their training methods give the 90% of the results what they have and the drugs only made a very small difference are full of crap. And its so sad that there is still so many people who believe that absolute bullshit.

no-nattyYou have to start regocnize yourself, what’s achievable naturally, because these people ruthless!

Even a used car salesman have some rules and regulations what to follow, but the scammers of the fitness industry can do anything and get away with that. They can destroy your thyroid for life and your metabolism for life, and these people who has suffered from these scammers can’t do anything, but suffer.

And don’t get me wrong, there are still some good honest people in fitness too! But you really have to do your homework, when deciding who’s hands you can trust your health, and money.

Make sure that the person has a lot of recomenders and he/she has the contact information of these people and you can contact them by yourself.

It should not be the most important thing that you are ripped to bone in contest day or at the end of your diet or tranformation. The most important thing should be your health after that! It’s what counts for rest of your life, not one day.

So make sure to ask you future coach or trainers previous customers how did they feel a month and year after their contest or diet!

If you have doubts about that does steroids really make such a difference, what i claim here, i link great study here below, what i hope you take a look!

Hope this information helps you to decide who and what is worth your time and money!

Work hard and i will write again for you soon!

Gluten free low carb protein pancakes

So, here is my favorite gluten free low carb protein pancakes recipe. Many of the low carb, gluten free recipes have only eggs and almond flour, and the amount of protein in these recipes just don’t match bodybuilding or muscle growth needs.

So i tried many different recipes and combined best qualities of some, and added own ingredients to make them more bodybuilding friendly. These really taste amazing! You really cant say the same about some recipes, and i tried well over a dozen different ones.

The ingredients listed below are for two persons, so if you want to do just for yourself, split the all amounts. I have eaten many times this two person size pancake patch myself, but its almost a thousand calories, so you don’t want to do it every morning, or maybe you do when you have tasted these!

So here is the recipe for two persons:

You can make these in about 10 minutes, so these are really quick to make!

gluten free low carb protein pancake ingredientsIn the image you can see exactly what i used.

And here are they fully listed:

  • 80 grams of almond flour. Try to get low carb as possible it should be around 5-10 grams of carbs in 100 grams, And if you can get organic.
  • Two eggs. Get this also organic if possible, because of high fat content.
  • One teaspoon of coconut fat / oil, its about 15 grams. Highly recommend to get organic one.
  • 35 grams of protein powder of your choice. I used vanilla flavor and its the best one what i have tried.
  • Half a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Only if you use unflavored whey, add some stevia or other sweetener too.
  • Two to three tablespoons of carbonated water. You can use just regular water too, but carbonation makes dough lighter.
  • Salt according to taste. I used about 1 teaspoon.

And you need some butter or little more coconut oil for cooking.

First you need to get your coconut oil to liquid form, you can heat it in microwave or in a pan quickly. Then when to coconut oil is in running form put it in a bowl, big enough that you can fit all ingredients to it. Add eggs to oil and whisk.

gluten free low carb protein pancake dough Then you add in the salt and vanilla extract if needed. And then all dry ingredients, first the almond flour, stir till the mixture is smooth. Then add the protein powder, and water as much as needed. Texture should be really thick, like you can see from the picture, because otherwise the pancake does not hold its form and its impossible to turn in a pan.

Put a half teaspoon of butter or coconut oil in a pan, and let it melt. When it is melted turn the heat, as low as possible and make 4×4 inch or 10×10 cm round disc to middle of your pan. Let it fry for 2 minutes and then carefully turn, its quite hard to get it in one piece in first time. I messed up many!

gluten free low carb protein pancakesWhen you have fried them all, just enjoy with some blueberries or anything really, these taste great almost with anything, so use you imagination!

Nutritional values for two persons recipe, just cut these in half if you did serving for one.

989 calories. 79 grams of fat. 7 grams of carbs and 66 grams of protein.

How to build muscle with light weights. Optimizing training program to your individual needs.

Is it possible to build muscle with light weights? Here is some random thoughts and even some science to how to build muscle with light weights, and how to learn more about YOUR body.

The development of nervous system is highly individual thing, like muscle mass. If you take two guys who both are starting their gym training, other starting squat weight could be 175 lbs or 80 kilos, and other 135 lbs or 60 kilos. And still both of them legs could be exactly same size. So greater the power, or in other words better nervous system, does not always mean bigger muscles. Starting strength without training in two individuals can be very different although the muscle mass is the same. And of course, when the size of the muscle increases, does the power go up also. But if we compare the two example guys here, 10 lbs or 5 kilos more muscle to legs would mean 175 lbs or 80 kg squat to another and 265 lbs or 120 kilos to naturally stronger one.

You can’t make straight conclusion that, if one guy squats 8 reps 440 lbs or 200 kg, has automatically bigger legs than the guy who squats 8 reps with 350 or 160 kilos.

Ronnie Coleman and Flex Wheeler

Ronnie Coleman and Flex Wheeler, two guys with totally different training styles and especially weights! picture from

 When we are talking about building more muscle we always hear about muscle fiber types, and that the better growing type 2 fast acting cells react much better to training with high loads. This however has the other side of things too, when you are training with lighter weights, the closer of the total failure you get, the more you recruit these type 2 fast cells. When you hit total failure, meaning that you cant lift the weight, you also have recruited type 2 cells as you would with higher load. And the benefit of this is that at the beginning and middle part of the set you recruit the slower type 1 cells, which also have growth potential! So with moderate weight and longer sets you get best of both worlds.

Then we are back in personal differences again. When another is stronger, because of genetics than someone else, with similar muscle mass, its highly predictable that the stronger individual has also more type 2 cells in his muscles than the weaker one. From here we can make another prediction that the person who has more type 2 cells, has also more growth potential with higher load training, than the weaker person.

So try to monitor your body and how it responses to different kind a training. Take for example 8-12 week period, when you keep nutrition in place, little surplus with calories and train keeping rep range between 4-8. Go to body composition analysis before and after, and take measures of you limbs. Then take another 8-12 week period, and do exactly the same things than in previous period, but keep the reps between 10-15. Which period the body composition did get better results? Did leg muscles grow more with 10-15 and upper body with 4-8? With this kinda experiment you can make really important conclusion regarding to your muscle growth in future and optimizing your training program.

Needless to say, building muscles with light weights is something which your joints thank you in a long run. Or if you just take periods in your training program when you use more longer sets and moderate weights comparing your heavy training.

Some great links to read about this subject:

5 low carb breakfast

So here are five of my favorite low carb breakfast, which you can cook in under 10 minutes!

1. Self made almond bread, with turkey deli meat.

25 grams almond flour, prefer oraganic and check carb amount, these have huge differences. It should be about 6-7 grams carbs in 100 g.

low carb almond flour

One egg, this also preferably organic, because of high fat content.

Half a cup or 1 dl of grated cheese, use preferably about 5 % fat cheese, to keep calories manageable.

One teaspoon of baking powder.

Some dried oregano, to make this bread taste even better!

50 grams of turkey deli meat, try to get at least 90 % pure meat.
Mix all dry in ingredients in a bowl, then add the egg and grated cheese. Shape two flat disc from the dough to baking tray, make them thin as possible without breaking the discs. Bake them in the oven in 200 C or 400 F couple of minutes, when surface of the bread starts to take color, they are ready!

Cover breads with turkey meat and enjoy!

Nutritional values of bread with turkey are:
368 kcal. 22 grams of fat. 2 grams of carbs and 39 grams of protein.

2. Total Fage 0 % greek yogurt.

low carb greek yogurt

2 small Fage tubs, 175 grams each.

100 g berries of your choice, i used raspberries.

25 g of crushed almonds, if you want make this meal low fat, skip these.

Nutritional values for Greek yogurt with berries and almonds:
386 kcal. 14 grams of fat. 19 grams of carbs and 42 grams of protein.

3.  Stuffed omelet, the traditional choice of low carb breakfasts.

low carb stuffed omelet
1 whole egg, 3 egg whites. I like to separate yolk from to egg myself, i think egg whites tastes lot better, than the canned egg whites.

50 grams of grated cheese, i used 5 % fat cheese.

50 grams of cold cut turkey meat.

50 grams of red peppers, try to get organic ones.

Salt and seasoning for your taste!

Nutritional values for stuffed omelet:
310 kcal. 13 grams of fat. 3 grams of carbs and 45 grams of protein.


4. Almond milk protein powder ice cream.

low carb protein pudding
Half a cup or 1 dl of unsweetened almond milk. You can also use regular milk, it justtastes a bit different.

40 grams of protein powder, the taste of your ice cream comes mainly from this so choose wisely! I used vanilla flavored protein myself with blueberries, and chocolate flavored with raspberries are amazing too.

50 grams of berries of your choice, and they have to be frozen and straight from freezer, because the coldness of the berries freezes whole ice cream.

Put the milk to bowl and add the protein powder, then mix with big spoon so you can make sure there are no chunks left, you should get pudding like texture. Then add the berries straight  from freezer and mix them carefully with the milk protein pudding. Then wait couple of minutes, and let the berries turn pudding into home made protein ice cream!

If you want add some fat, unsweetened peanut butter is great.

Nutritional values for home made protein ice cream:
188 kcal. 2 grams of fat. 5 grams of carbs and 37 grams of protein.

5. Stuffed pepper.

1 whole pepper, about 200 grams. Get organic if you can.

150 grams of precooked ground beef, get at least 90 % lean.

Half a cup or 1 dl of grated cheese.

You can use microwave or over here, heat to 400 F or 200 C if you use oven. Wash the pepper, and cut it half from the middle. Remove seed from the pepper and put the ground beef in. Spread the cheese at the top of both sides and then to the microwave or oven till cheese is melted nicely.

You can use canned tuna or any kinda high protein filling in these.

Nutritional values for stuffed pepper:
410 kcal. 18 grams of fat. 9 grams of carbs and 49 grams of protein.

Body transformation, from anorectic to athletic

Thru elementary school i was always the thinnest guy, i was also ironically the tallest. That was mixture, which many of my friends and school mates found very amusing, it wasn’t that for my self.

In primary school that wasn’t such an issue, i wasn’t that tall yet and other guys didn’t have developed any manly features also. Last grade of primary school when i was about 12 years old, things started to look kinda funny. I was about 5’9 or 180 cm and weight was a bit under 110 lbs or 55 kg. Not good at all.

laihaMe at 6’2 or 189 cm and little under 130 lbs or 60 kg. Notice the forearms and way too big clothes.

In junior high school, when i was 13, fun really started! I was now 6’2, weigh in at under 130 lbs. In summer i didn’t take my hoodie off anymore in public, because my arms were so skinny, you could see bones thru the skin. When i tried to swim at summer temperatures over 85 F or 25 C, i couldn’t be in water more than couple of minutes, because i got so cold that my teeth started to clatter and my lips turned to blue. i was just skin and bones.

I was skinnier than all the girls that i knew, i was told very often by them that i should start to eat more. At the time i just had no appetite at all, so to eat more, although i understand it would make me feel better about myself, wasn’t an option. I ate very little, and it took me very long time to eat just a little meal, because i just wasn’t feeling hunger at all. I even didn’t like eat any candy or other sweet stuff. My meals were some small basic meals of chicken or other meats and pasta or potatoes, once a day. And maybe some cereals in morning and some bread in the evening.

I always liked sports very much, i was tall and rather fast considering my height. I also had good coordination which helped to get picked in teams in school, although i haven’t got single muscle in my body. I liked track and field, it gives you an advantage when you are twice as tall than everyone else. I also tried soccer and ice hockey, but in teams there are so many variables that you can’t affect. Individual sports started to interest me more and more, where everything is just up to you alone.

I could not believe in million years that i would ever go to the gym, i was the farthest opposite of the people who lift weights that you could possible imagine! At the time, about 15 years ago gyms in Finland were basements, and the average member was +220 lbs man. In Finland no one had heard the word fitness yet. I was pushed to gym by my uncle and one of my best friends and although i was very intimidated, when i started to notice change in my body, what i thought to be impossible. I was hooked!

About after a month, when my anorectic body started to show first signs of muscle, i was so thrilled. I never would believe that i was possible to change my body at all. I was so excited that i even started drinking unflavored soy protein with my squash, it was horrible, but i was so hooked and happy that it didn’t matter!

tuplatMe now, at 235 lbs or 105 kg morning weight. Some progress, but a lot of work to do also.

With this site, i want to share my journey from the beginning, and also hope to encourage people who are in same situation that i was 15 years ago. People who aren’t competitors or genetically blessed individuals. I hope we are together in this journey of body transformation!

End of part 1.